Rev. William Barber Mon, 10 Feb 2014 09:33:04 -0500 Mon, 10 Feb 2014 09:43:23 -0500 Right Wing Targets 'Moral Mondays' Organizer <img class="imagefield imagefield-field_teaser_astory" width="390" height="250" alt="" src="" /> <p>Right-wing groups and media are waging a concerted attack on Rev. William Barber, organizer of this weekend&rsquo;s <a href="">&ldquo;Moral March&rdquo;</a> in Raleigh, North Carolina.</p> <p>North Carolina&rsquo;s politics lurched to the far right after multimillionaire Art Pope poured money into a far-right <a href="">takeover</a> of the state government. &nbsp;A tidal wave of horrible legislation last year attacked voting rights, public education, health care, and unemployment insurance -- and raising taxes on poor families to give tax breaks to a handful of the state&rsquo;s wealthiest people. Basically, if you want to see what unfettered Tea Party governance looks like, look at North Carolina.</p> <p>In response, a huge statewide coalition led by Barber, the president of the state NAACP, organized &ldquo;Moral Mondays&rdquo; protests to draw attention to the legislature&rsquo;s extremism. State GOP officials initially dismissed the movement, with one legislator deriding &ldquo;<a href="">Moron Mondays</a>&rdquo; and others blaming the protests on &ldquo;outside agitators.&rdquo; But the protests grew to thousands, with more than 900 people, the vast majority of them from North Carolina, being arrested.</p> <p>The progressive Forward Together coalition drew tens of thousands of people to Raleigh this weekend for a <a href="">&ldquo;Moral March,&rdquo;</a> which kicked off a year of organizing and voter engagement. This progressive mobilization has generated excitement among progressive activists nationally, and has made Barber a target of the right wing.</p> <p>In recent weeks, Fox News hosts <a href="">Sean Hannity</a> and <a href="">Greta Van Susteren</a> have invited Sen. Tim Scott, Allen West, and Star Parker &ndash; all right-wing African Americans &ndash; to attack Barber for comments he made suggesting &nbsp;that Scott is a ventriloquist dummy for the Tea Party.</p> <p>In the days leading up to Saturday&rsquo;s march, the state&rsquo;s Republican Chairman Claude Pope <a href="">slammed</a> Barber for using "inflammatory and offensive" rhetoric. And Tami Fitzgerald from the North Carolina Values Coalition <a href="">snarked</a>, &ldquo;The so-called Moral March on Raleigh is anything but moral. It is spearheaded by groups that support abortion and homosexual marriage.&rdquo; I am not aware that Fitzgerald has raised moral objections to right-wing state officials&rsquo; attacks on poor families&rsquo; access to health care.</p> <p>At a press conference after the March, Tea Party activist David Webb, a Fox and Breitbart contributor, badgered Barber about whether he owed Scott and other black conservatives an apology. No apology was forthcoming. The unruffled Barber said his job and calling are &ldquo;to speak the truth about public policies, policies that hurt millions of people.&rdquo;&nbsp;</p> <p>Barber said his critique was based on policy, not personality. &ldquo;While some people may choose to get caught up on a metaphor,&rdquo; Barber said, &ldquo;the real indignation and upsetness should be over the regressive agenda&rdquo; and over policies that are causing &ldquo;real-life suffering and death.&rdquo;</p> <p style="margin-left:.5in;">If folk want to get upset, get upset over the denying of Medicaid expansion, get upset over voting to reject unemployment benefits for laid off workers who are Republican, who are Democrat, who are black, who are white. Get upset over reduced access to public education and funding of it&hellip;.and get upset over the attacks to turn back voting rights that were won through blood, sweat and tears.&rdquo;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Peter Montgomery Allen West Art Pope C4 Greta Van Susteren North Carolina North Carolina Public Education Rev. William Barber Sean Hannity Star Parker tea party Voting Rights Fox News Channel Fighting the Right 45676 Mon, 10 Feb 2014 09:33:04 -0500 Rev. William Barber The Spirit Of Selma: Moral March In Raleigh, NC <img class="imagefield imagefield-field_teaser_astory" width="390" height="250" alt="" src="" /> <p>The Supreme Court&rsquo;s <em>Citizens United</em> decision and related rulings undermining the nation&rsquo;s campaign finance laws opened the doors to massive corporate and right-wing spending. Nowhere have the results been more catastrophic than in North Carolina, where a right-wing takeover subjected state residents to an avalanche of far-right legislation targeting children, teachers, voting rights, and more.</p> <p>Last year PFAW&rsquo;s Miranda Blue and Calvin Sloan <a href="">documented</a> the far-right takeover of state politics that was funded by billionaire <a href="">Art Pope</a> with the help of GOP strategist and current U.S. Senate candidate from Virginia, Ed Gillespie.&nbsp; In 2012, Pope and his allies poured millions of dollars into elections for the state legislature and millions more to elect Gov. Pat McCrory.&nbsp;</p> <p>Once they got into power, with Pope himself installed as McCrory&rsquo;s budget director, North Carolina citizens were subjected to the full fury of a far-right, Tea Party-on-steroids legislative agenda. Education spending was slashed and thousands of teachers fired while tax dollars were diverted to school vouchers.</p> <p>Hundreds of thousands of citizens were denied Medicaid and unemployment benefits while taxes were cut for the state&rsquo;s richest residents. And in order to perpetuate the power of Pope&rsquo;s puppets, one of the nation&rsquo;s worst, most restrictive voting laws was put into place to disenfranchise voters, with an <a href="">assist</a> from the Supreme Court&rsquo;s gutting of a key section of the Voting Rights Act.</p> <p>But North Carolina has not given Americans only a terrifying look at what a Tea Party-run country would look like. It has also given us an inspiring example of grassroots organizing on behalf of a very different set of values.&nbsp; Led by Rev. William Barber, head of the state&rsquo;s NAACP chapter, North Carolinans began &ldquo;Moral Mondays&rdquo; protests at the state capitol. They were dismissed as &ldquo;morons&rdquo; and outside agitators by right-wing legislators. One of Pope&rsquo;s right-wing groups published personal information of protestors online.</p> <p>But those efforts did nothing to squelch the Moral Mondays movement, which drew thousands of people to the weekly protests.&nbsp; Hundreds were arrested for nonviolent civil disobedience.</p> <p>Now Barber and the diverse coalition he leads have put out a call to people across North Carolina and the rest of the country to come to Raleigh on February 8 for what they hope will become the largest civil rights gathering in the south since an interfaith, interracial group of people responded to Dr. King&rsquo;s call to join civil rights marchers in Selma.</p> <p>On Tuesday, Rev. Barber spoke to bloggers about Moral Mondays, the February 8 march, and the values-based &ldquo;fusion&rdquo; organizing that is sustaining the pro-justice movement in North Carolina. If you&rsquo;re going to change America, he said, you have to change the south &ndash; with broad-based, locally led movements in every state.&nbsp;</p> <p>Barber emphasized that his movement was not partisan &ndash; that many independents and Republicans have joined in the Moral Mondays protests against the extremist and unjust laws passed by the far-right faction that now runs the state government. What motivates the new coalition, Barber said, is a combination of the constitutional principle of the common good and the biblical principle of caring for the vulnerable. A few days before the march, a policy briefing will examine the moral, economic, political and social costs of the state&rsquo;s regressive legislation.</p> <p>One goal of turning February 8 into a national event, Barber said, is to discourage right-wing strategists who hope to duplicate Pope&rsquo;s takeover and subsequent imposition of extreme policies that Barber describes as &ldquo;constitutionally inconsistent, morally indefensible, and economically insane.&rdquo;</p> <p>You can find out more about the February 8 march at the event <a href="">website</a>.</p> Peter Montgomery Art Pope Citizens United Moral Mondays NAACP North Carolina Rev. William Barber Voting Rights Fighting the Right The Right to Vote 45471 Tue, 21 Jan 2014 16:34:16 -0500 Rev. William Barber