Statement from Maryland State Senator Jamie Raskin on Citizens United Amendments


On June 18, 2013, Senators Tom Udall [NM] and Jon Tester [MT] introduced amendment proposals in the United States Senate that would overturn the Citizens United decision.  Marlyand State Senator Jamie Raskin issued the following statement in response:


"The U.S. Constitution belongs to the American people, and in our history we have many times had to amend it to respond to the antics of a conservative Supreme Court playing politics with our most precious document.  Today, huge majorities of Americans have deplored the Citizens United decision since it was handed down to us and serious students of the Supreme Court have been appalled by the corporate assumptions that have sunk deeply into judicial decision-making. As a Maryland State Senator and a professor of constitutional law, I am excited about moves in Congress to undo Citizens United by Amendment and am urging the Maryland congressional delegation to join the campaign to reverse the Roberts Court and restore basic democratic and popular meanings to the Constitution."

    --Jamie Raskin, Maryland State Senator, Majority Whip