President Obama recognizes LGBT families

By now you’ve likely watched (or heard about) the ABC News interview with President Obama in which he affirmed his support for the freedom to marry of same-sex couples.

The President said that his daughters, and their friends with same-sex couples as parents, helped his views to evolve.

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The President also said:

When I meet gay and lesbian couples, when I meet same-sex couples, and I see-- how caring they are, how much love they have in their hearts-- how they're takin' care of their kids. When I hear from them the pain they feel that somehow they are still considered-- less than full citizens when it comes to-- their legal rights-- then-- for me, I think it-- it just has tipped the scales in that direction.

It’s clear that, for the President, this isn’t just about couples getting married. It’s also about couples raising children with the sense of security that comes from family equality.

Just an hour after the big news broke, family equality was front and center at the New York Stock Exchange.

Our friends at Family Equality Council rang yesterday’s closing bell in celebration of International Family Equality Day.

PFAW and the African American Ministers in Action Equal Justice Task Force have joined with Family Equality Council and a broad coalition to support a wonderful bill called the Every Child Deserves a Family Act, which would withhold a portion of federal funding from entities that discriminate in adoption and foster care placements based on the LGBT or marital status of prospective parents, or the LGBT status of the children involved. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would provide technical assistance to all affected entities. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) would study compliance with the law and any continued discrimination.

So after you add your name to PFAW's petition urging Congress to Dump DOMA and end this unconstitutional, discriminatory policy once and for all, take a few minutes and call your Representative and Senators in support of the Every Child Deserves a Family Act. It’s H.R. 1681 in the House and S. 1770 in the Senate.

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