Obama Endorses Marriage Equality, Part 2

Last night, the tide went out. North Carolinians voted 61% to 39% in favor of an anti-gay constitutional amendment that not only deals another blow to gay and lesbian couples in the state, who are already prohibited by law from marrying, but also endangers protections for all unmarried couples, including domestic violence protections and health insurance coverage.

Just hours ago, the tide came in. President Barack Obama affirmed his support for the freedom to marry of same-sex couples.

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PFAW President Michael B. Keegan:

Today’s announcement marks a proud day for our country and for the President. For those of us who have been working towards marriage equality for many years, the impact of having the support of the President of the United States is incredibly powerful. As President Obama made clear in his comments today, marriage equality for all people is an idea whose time has come. Despite setbacks like the results from North Carolina last night, it’s more obvious than ever that the momentum is on our side.

Indeed, we must take advantage of the momentum. Add your name to PFAW's petition urging Congress to Dump DOMA and end this unconstitutional, discriminatory policy once and for all.

While we continue to fight to Dump DOMA and for LGBT equality broadly, please keep in mind how far we’ve come.

I know I am thinking about that now.

Eight years ago, as I was preparing to leave Ohio University, I said goodbye to one of my best friends. I remember writing to him in a card that I hoped our husbands would someday get to meet. That November – November 3 to be precise – I was on the phone with that same friend, who was heartbroken at what for many was a difficult (including Ohio Amendment 1) election. Fast forward to his Facebook status this afternoon:

THANK YOU President Obama! Those of you who know [my partner and me]: we have such an incredibly strong, stable, loving relationship. Opening our relationship up to marriage does nothing but STRENGTHEN the institution!

If we keep working hard, who knows what tomorrow will bring for my friend and his partner – and for us all.

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